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Electrolyzed strong acid water (ESW) containing free chlorine at various oonoentrations is becomìng to be available in clinical settings as a disinfectant. ESW is prepared by electrolysis of a NaCl solution, and has a corrosive activity against medical instruments. Although lower concenn'ations ofNaCl and free chlorine are desired to eliminate oorrosion, the gennicidal effect of ESW with low NaCl and free-chlorine ooncentrations (ESW-L) has not been fully clarified. In this study, we demonstrated that ESW-L possesses bactericidal aetivity against Mycobacteria and spores of Bacillm' sublilis. The effect m slightly weaker than thai of ESW oontaining higher NaCl and free-chlorine concentrations (ESW-H), but aoceptable as a disinfectnnt To clarify the mechanism of the bactericidal activìty, we investigated ESW-L-treated Pseudomonas aeruginosa by tmlsmission electmn microscopy, a bacterial enzyme assay and resn'iction fiagment length polymorphism pattern (RFLP) assay. Sinoe the bacterium, whose growth was oompletely inhibited by ESW-L, revealed the inactivation of cytoplasmic enzyme, blebs and breaks in its outer membrane and remained complene RFLP of DNA, damage of the outer membrane and inactivation of cytoplasmic enzyme are the imponant detenninams of the bactericidal activity. G 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. Al] rights reserved.

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