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Major bum injury can lead easily to sepsis caused by wound infection, even when acute burn shock is under good contro]. We have reported that numerous chemical mediators, such as cytokines, type II phospholipase A2, platelet-activating factor, eicosanoids, polymorphonu- clear leukocyte elastase, complement, endothelin-l , thrombo- modulin, nitric oxide, and adhesion molecules, are involved in biologic responses to burn injury and that levels of these mediators are not very high in the acute phase of bum injury. However, levels increase rapidly because of complications that occur in the infection phase, and they are markers of the severity of illness."7 The larger the wound, the greater the chance of bum-wound infection. The risk of Pseudomonas acruginosa infection is particularly high on days 5 to 7 after bum injury. 'I’hus, bum-wound infection must be prevented. Electrolymd oxidized water (EOW) is produced with an anode current by electrolyzing salt-containing water through a diaphragm.8 EOW, which has a high positive oxidation- reduction potential (ORP) and high oonoentrations of dis- solved chloride and oxygen, functions as a bactericide and is used clinically for the treatment of various types of infection and for cleaning and disinfecting of hemodialysis equiprnent.9 Using a rat model, we studied whether or not EOW shows a bactericidal function in bum injury with P. aemginosa infection.

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